Before the arrival of modern medicine, mankind’s only option was to look to nature

BoSwiss GmbH

 Obmoos 4, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland

     We specialise in health, beauty and wellness, looking to nature for 100% plant-based solutions

Our Expertise

∞ Product Development

∞ Marketing & Distribution

∞ Consultancy

∞ Events & Training

  Our Markets

  ∞ Health & Wellness

  ∞ Beauty & Cosmetics

  ∞ Nutritional Supplements

  ∞ Medical Devices

Why Switzerland?

We formed BoSwiss GmbH in February 2018 in Switzerland, choosing the location for its clean, natural environment and forward-thinking attitude towards natural treatments.  A suitable place from which to combine work with the goals of achieving good health, wellbeing and harmony, at peace with nature.

Why we develop our own products

It was  the absence of availability of truly healthy products that led us to decide to develop and sell 100% plant-based products that could help people achieve their life’s goals and avoid encountering chronic health issues.  

We discovered the majority of patients and clients were ultimately dealing with similar issues and shared the same goals.  They, like us, wanted to improve their health and wellbeing in a lasting way.    Our products are highly efficient in achieving fast and lasting results because of our highly specialised expertise in combining certain plants to generate a synergistic effect at the same time sending the appropriate message of those healing plants to the body.  


‘The approach is two-pronged: 

1)  Detoxify the systems from the cumulative effects of modern living:  sources range from the food we eat, what we drink, the chemicals we apply to our skin, the synthetic fragrances we breath, which are contained in most personal care products and perfumes.  Also the way we manage stress in our everyday lives.

2)  Switch to healthy foods and products:  more and more producers have joined the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ trend, but an increasing number of consumers are reading the small print on  labels and realise many claims of ‘naturalness are more marketing than reality.  Moreover ‘natural’ is not necessarily ‘healthy’ and not the same as ‘plant-based’. 

Where do we draw our inspiration from?

There are many plants considered sacred by various cultures, revered for amazing healing properties.  Alvydas’ time as a pharmacologist left him disillusioned with the side-effects of modern treatments available for chronic diseases such as cancer and he decided to travel the world in search of alternative treatments that could provide a real cure.  This quest led him to Oman, where he learned of the long healing tradition and variety of uses of Frankincense resin and essential oil from the sacred Boswellia Sacra tree. 

There are many different species of Frankincense, grown in various parts of Asia, India and Africa, but he learned resin from the Boswellia Sacra tree of the Dhofar region of Oman contains a range of substances including high-strength Boswellic Acid, having a wide variety of health and wellness applications as well as a beauty and anti-aging effects.  Boswellia provided the inspiration for our company name. 

For these reasons we use real green Frankincense from Oman as the base of many of our products, including perfumes.  Our focus on sacred plants led us to give the name of SacréSSence to our sacred line of aromatherapy, gemmotherpy, phytotherapy products and cosmetics, all based on plant-based substances, essential oils and extracts as well as beauty and wellness products including 100% plant-based perfumes.  The combination of plant extracts and oils including Cannabis,  Nigella Sativa and Boswellia Sacra provided the inspiration for our second line, BoSSativa. 

Our products make use of ancient knowledge, recipes from the Middle East as well as those of the French Aromatherapy, Phytothearapy and Gemmotherapy Association, with which we have a close co-operation.  Our quest is to use our connections to source the absolute best quality wild/organic ingredients, with the maximum intended healing properties and to use only these in our products.

Our mission

Like the ‘father of modern medicine’, Hippocrates, we follow the Hippocratic Oath, which is first to do no harm, to teach others who want to learn the art of healing without the use of harmful substances. 





Director, COO

Previously an experienced medical doctor and pharmacologist, who travelled the world acquiring knowledge of ancient natural medicines directly from their true masters, and became a holistic naturopath and product developer.



Naturopathic Cosmetologist, Aromatherapist

Naturopathic cosmetologist, aromatherapist and product developer, with a philosophy of using pure and wild plant-based ingredients, practicing and teaching aromatherapy and nutrition, herself preferring a natural vegan lifestyle.



President, CFO

Expertise in finance, marketing, strategy, development and communications combined with a philosophy of healthy living and intuition for aroma healing.



IT, Design

Talented young artist and jewellery maker, with skills in Information Technology and Digital Art, applied to the design of our products, packaging, brand image and web-related set-up.

“Nature is the greatest healer of all.”                            Registered Company Number:  CHE-410.698.674

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