Luxury Perfumes, All Plant-based, Unisex, inspired by Ancient Healing Recipes

BoSwiss GmbH 

Obmoos 4, CH-6300 Zug, Switzerland 

Harnessing the full potential of highest quality wild plants for health & wellness with our Frankincense-based perfumes


Perfumes are not what they used to be

After searching far and wide for healthy perfumes we discovered real perfumes have all but disappeared.  What is left are really not perfumes at all, but “fragrances.”  Mass market and niche market perfumes of today – even those proclaiming to be natural – are a far cry from their origins, when completely plant-based ingredients, renowned for their healing properties, divine scents, as well as health and well-being promoting properties were used.  We bring back to life ancient recipes and make use of the highest quality, wild ingredients, banning any trace of artificial/synthetic/unnatural ingredients/additives/fixatives.  In this way we believe we can assist our customers not only to achieve their life’s goals, but more importantly, avoid encountering the range of modern day chronic health issues, which science is increasingly discovering is associated, amongst other lifestyle factors, with the use of synthetic ingredients.

Oman Frankincense renowned for healing

We were most impressed by the healing potential of the real Oman Frankincense, not to be confused with the Frankincense species from other countries.  In Oman we discovered a long-standing healing tradition and variety of uses of Frankincense resin and essential oil from the sacred Boswellia Sacra tree, which provided the inspiration for our company name. 

There are many different species of Frankincense, grown in various parts of Asia, India and Africa, but the resin from the Boswellia Sacra tree of the Dhofar region of Oman contains a range of substances including high-strength Boswellic Acid, having a wide variety of health and wellness applications as well as beauty and anti-aging effects, due to its ability to send a message of a high and healing frequency to the body’s cells.

For these reasons we use real green Frankincense from Oman as the base for all our perfumes.

Plant-based perfumes - part of a detox regime

We recommend a two-pronged approach to good health and well-being: 

1)  Detoxify the systems from the cumulative effects of modern living which are primarily derived from the food we eat, what we drink, the chemicals we apply to our skin, the synthetic fragrances we inhale (contained in almost all personal care products and perfumes nowadays) as well as from the cumulative effects of the way we tend to mismanage stress in our everyday lives.

2)  Switch to healthy foods and products:  more and more producers have joined the ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ trend, but an increasing number of consumers are reading the small print on  labels, requesting the INCI and realise many claims of ‘naturalness’ are just marketing rather than reality.  Moreover ‘natural’ is not necessarily ‘healthy’ and is not the same as ‘plant-based’.

Inspired by luxurious ancient healthy recipes

Our products make use of ancient knowledge, recipes from the Middle East as well as those of the French Aromatherapy, Phytothearapy and Gemmotherapy Association, with which we have a close co-operation.

We utilise our highly specialised expertise to combine certain plants which generate a synergistic effect to send the appropriate healing message of those plants via the olfactory system to wherever it is required in the body

Why Switzerland

We formed BoSwiss GmbH in Switzerland in February 2018, because its clean, natural environment and forward-thinking attitude towards natural treatments align well with our goal of promoting good health, well-being and harmony, at peace with nature.

Our Mission

Our quest is to use our connections to source the absolute best quality wild ingredients, with the maximum intended healing properties and to use only these in our products.

Like the ‘father of modern medicine’, Hippocrates, we follow the Hippocratic Oath, which is first to do no harm and to pass on our knowledge of the art of healing without the use of harmful substances to those who wish to learn. 

“Nature is the greatest healer of all.”                            Registered Company Number:  CHE-410.698.674

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